Welcome to my Website.
It's a little raggedy.

I'd love for you to get to know me better. I'm a passionate student who thrives on challenges and constructive teamwork. I code, but I also volunteer and take photos. Look through these pages to know about the work I've done, and what I'm hoping to do.

Recent Work

USAePay Junior Developer

For the last three years I've worked at a payment processing company, learning backend development and secure payment processing techniques.

Predictive Adaptive Optics

Working under Rebecca Jensem-Clem to implement the CACAO software package at Keck Observatory's upcoming pyramid wavefront sensor.

NSF STEM for All Showcase - Debugging Failure

A one semester URAP project working with David DeLiema on an award winning educational video.

SWPS Website coordinator

Working to maintain and upgrade the website for the Society of Women in the Natural Sciences. A new role starting Fall of 2018.

Photographer for the STEMinist project

Part of a team of women who strive to document in photoessays the experiences of Women in Science education, and bring a visibility to a gender minority in the field.